My Girl 2.0

Special K

I can’t believe how little baby is left in her. And no, I’m not cutting her mullet. Or her awkward bangs.


  • She’s beautiful! I wouldn’t cut her hair either. I like it.

  • I’m partial to the mullet and the shaggy bangs. See: Susannah.

  • Tomorrow I get to hold and cuddle (if she will let me!) that cute li’l munchkin, and her big sister. Oh, and I guess I get to see you too! It’s all about the grandbabies you know! See you soon, I can hardly wait!

  • What a precious little girl. My daughter is also sporting the mullet and I’ve been debating whether I should cut it. I just can’t bring myself to do it even though I swore I wouldn’t let her run around with one.

  • I love her ‘awkward bangs’. I wouldn’t cut her hair at all. She looks adorable just the way she is.

    Is it weird that I’m just dying for my son’s hair to grow faster so I can cut it off and give him a mohawk? Come on, mohawks are COOL!

  • Don’t cut it. It’s cute. If you need a bad hair head to make Karenna feel better, Evanie can come hang out. She’s in that precious “molting” stage.

  • Mullets and awkward bangs are a little girl’s rite of passage. (She’s adorable!)

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