Family Matters, My Girl 2.0


The last time my mom saw Karenna she had a different name, only two teeth, and no walking ability. They’ve had to make up for lost time and have been bonding with great fervor.

“Grandma is here!”

“This is AWESOME!”

“You know what else is awesome? The way I SMIZE! Tyra would be proud.”

“I love the hot breath of Grandma on my delicate eyelids. Nothin’ like it.”

“Did I mention this is AWESOME?!”

We’ve been having a great visit. Thanks for all your help and love, Momma.


  • How is it possible that Karenna gets cuter with every single picture you post? She’s a beauty.

    Glad your mom is there, reuniting with her grandbabies. :)

  • Tyra would love that she’s smiling with her eyes ;-)

  • awesome! she really CAN smize! Tyra would be SO PROuD!

  • So adorable. Great shots.

  • Nothing like a Grandma’s visit and love! Karenna is beautiful!

  • SO cute!!!

  • Love those and she really is Smizing! Look out Season 26, here comes Karenna Brown! All others need not apply :)

  • Awesome smize Karenna!!

    Glad you’re having a good visit with your mom :)

  • Your mom has the warmest smile Amanda, how wonderful she can be part of your children’s lives. You are truly blessed. Hugs

  • Those photos are incredibly cute! You’re so lucky to have such a beautiful family. :)

  • Great photos Amanda :)

  • Cute photos! I hope you had a great weekend with your Momma!

  • What a doll! Your girls must just be LOVING the grandma time!!

  • Haha I love it how Mom and Dad say that they’ll come visit me in 2 years… you know, because it’s expensive and all. But then visit you quarterly and plan elaborate overseas trips. I had better be getting one sweet nelly of an x-mas present.

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