Friends Are Swell, My Girl


Avelyn is friends with two sweet little boys named Caleb and Daniel. She has so much fun playing with them because boy-time means rough-housing, tag, exploring, and mildly aggressive wrestling. Every now and again we’ll take the kids down to the beach where they play on a huge log of driftwood, throw rocks for the dog to fetch, and eat muffins.

We haven’t seen Caleb and Daniel this week because they’ve been home with the Chicken Pox. Avelyn has missed them and she wanted to phone them to see how they were doing. Their phone conversation went like this:

Avelyn: Hi, Caleb. Do you still have spots?

Caleb: Yes. I have one on my pee-pee. Maybe I should come over and show you.

Oh dear.

And yesterday Avelyn asked about the boys again and said, “Do they still have Chicken Pot Pie?”

Friends are the best.


  • Hey! I’m related to those kids!

    I love Caleb’s quote.

  • Mmmm, chicken pot pie! Much more preferable than chicken pox.

  • Haha! Poor little guys! They are SO cute! I hope Avelyn reunites with her boyz soon. :)

  • too cute!

  • Hehe!! Kids are so funny… the things they come up with!

  • I love those kids. And the innocence of child conversations.

  • the crusting stage has begun!

  • aww, so cute. That’s quite the pick up line Caleb!

  • awwww, i miss those boys!

  • Hilarious! Avelyn sure looks like you in the first photo.

  • So sweet.

  • Hahahah…That’s so cute! Avelyn’s sure looking grown up! Love her jacket :)

  • Your photos always make me smile. What kind of camera do you use?

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