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City of Angels

What is UP with December? In the next two weeks we will scratch off dozens of festive holiday events, frantically scurrying from Christmas party to cookie exchange to family dinner to preschool concerts. Then Christmas will pass by in the blink of a (very tired) eye and BOOM! it will be January and we’ll all be colder, fatter, and battling the post-Christmas blahs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun stuff, but I just wish we could spread it out over the course of a couple months instead of ramming it into the space of two weeks. Owell, here’s some of the fun we’ve been having:

Every year our church holds and Angel Breakfast where three and four year-olds come for a morning of Christmas crafts, breakfast, and a special visit from some caroling angels. The angels are always some of the older more distinguished and mature men from our congregation.

One of whom just happens to be Avelyn’s Grandpa. They were both thrilled to see each other there.

“What?! It’s Grandpa?!”

“This is freakin’ awesome!”

Hope you’re all enjoying your holiday crescendo!


  • Those last two photos made my day. I needed that. It’s fricked -45 or something retarded out here!

  • fricken. I mean.

  • So cute. :)

    Christy, come to Texas! My little boy has shorts on today. :D

  • Looks like fun! I love the expression on Bob’s face, in the second photo, pure grandparent joy. Avelyn’s expressions always slay me, cute kid.

  • Way to go, uncle Bob!! He’s wingin’ it! Ha. get it? WING’in it? geez, i’m funny!

  • What an awesome event! I can’t believe how big and grown up she is getting!

  • Yeah, the swiftness with which this time of year flies by never ceases to amaze me! I hope your family has a memory filled holiday season!

  • That Angel Breakfast sounds wonderful. What a great surprise that she got to see her grandpa as one of them.

    I am so with you on wishing that the holi-daze would not be so crazy and a bit more spread out.

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