Friends Are Swell, Wedded Bliss

Up the Steps

We walked up the steps to our friends’ Christmas party and I clutched his arm as I wobbled in my heels. He was in a tux, I was in a fancy dress and my wool coat. I stopped for a moment and pondered that somewhere along the line we had become grown-ups together. Weird. When you are married at 15* you get to grow up together, and seven years and two kids later, we have.

The Christmas party was great. The food was tasty, the friends were abundant, and the laughs were unstoppable.

*Fine, we were 19. But STILL.


  • Holy moly – I almost didn’t recognize you there… you DO look like an adult. Partially I have only seen one other pic of your shorter hot doo, but I guess we did become adults somewhere along the way. Weird.

  • Yay for the group shot! I was hoping you’d post it.

    I was impressed with Steve’s tux, I have to say. And a night with you is always awesome (As was today’s Starbucks jaunt).

  • I had such a similar thought (re: growing up) at our company holiday party last night. And you and Steve (and all the ladies) look fantastic, indeed.

  • I wonder the same thing when I look at my husband and I :-) We have been together since we were 15, and have now been married for 5 1/2 years :-)

    Although, sometimes I feel like we are still 15. Grown-ups?? Nahhhhhh. I’ll be a grown-up when I am 50. Maybe.

  • Awesome. And aren’t we lucky?! You look fabulous – great group shot.

  • You look AMAZING!!!

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  • Oh dear, I look pregnant! NEED to work out, officially! Yikes! Thanks for the wake up call! Holy CRAP!

  • Love it! You have a good life.

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