• Cute! I still can’t believe how big Karenna is. I need to see that little munchkin soon.

  • Awwww so cute!!!
    AND you’re tuckering them out :D

  • they need 80’s music and wigs!

  • Looks a lot like my house. In the morning, unfortunately.

  • So cute!!!!!! What sweethearts!!

  • OMG!I laughed SO HARD when I saw this!! My daughter does that!!

  • SO great. I totally needed a little maniacing today.

  • So cute :) I can’t believe your new baby is dancing!!

  • It’s so adorable! What cuties you have =)

  • try ABBA! I thought my kids were going to fall over in exhaustion, they couldn’t stop dancing.

  • I had to watch it twice so I could get the full effect of each of them. So cuuuuuuute!

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