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See Bumpa Run

My dad has been a long-distance runner for 40 years. His passion is training and competing and winning. When we were little we used to tag along and cheer him on at his races and yesterday we had a full-circle moment when we piled the kids into the truck, drove to Kamloops and watched my dad run a cross country 8 km race in the Masters World Games.

That’s right…World Masters. He placed 10th in his age group…in the WORLD.

Go, Bumpa! Too bad all those athletic genes of his seem to have skipped a generation.

We made a sign and cheered loudly for him as he passed us by.

Here’s a close-up of the inspiring artwork:

It was a great day and I’m so glad we were there to share in his success.

(Speaking of exercise, my latest post at is all about my lack thereof. Take a look-see!)


  • Haha! Real men wear booty shorts. That’s probably why Steve is hanging on to those shorts that you love so much. He’s just proving his incredible masculinity.

    Go Bumpa!

  • he still runs hey? wow! inspiring….almost ;) i’m just too lazy :)

  • Your daddy rules the running world!

    I remember going to watch your dad race with you in Saskatoon one time when we were preteens. So cool that he’s stuck with it. And awesome that he’s found something that he is both passionate about AND good at.

    Way to go, Mr. O!

  • If I hadn’t forgotten to pack my real booty shorts, I would have finished in the medals. My backup pair were so long, (and ill-matching) that I was severely hampered. But I did have the best cheering section out there.

  • Wow – that is incredible!! He is from Regina isn’t he!!?? So am I :-) My hubby says he recognizes him.

  • Yay, Bumpa!

    (The poster made me laugh. Classic Amanda. :) )

  • I was going to leave a comment on the length of those shorts, they seem to have gotten longer as he’s gotten older. I see I’m a bit late in noticing that ;) Congrats on the great finish!

  • I love your sign! Only you would create such an informative cheerleading poster :)

  • Your parents rock!

  • Your dad is awesome.

    (My favorite running-related sign, seen during the 2008 Portland Marathon, which my sister ran and finished: “Your feet hurt because you’re kicking so much ass.”)

  • How inspiring is he, Amanda? That’s awesome.

  • Go Bumpa! I have enjoyed watching all the athletes roam the streets ’round here.

  • Yay for your dad!

  • And I missed you… shucks!

  • Way to Go!! Congratulations Bumpa!!

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