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I wiped my kitchen counters for the first time in a week, which means my parents have headed back home to the prairies and it’s up to me again to keep this house running. When they come to visit, they do everything (clean bathrooms, mop floors, change diapers, cook lasagnas) and I am the kind of person who has no problem accepting that kind of help (read: am disturbingly lazy). I so appreciate the break they give me and when they leave I feel refreshed and loved and taken care of. They are so great and I miss them already.

Karenna is giving me a run for my money these days. She is always into trouble and I can’t leave her alone for a minute without her destroying something or climbing into a bathroom sink to eat a tube of toothpaste. Crazy beast.

My latest belly shot is posted at Feel free to take a look and my startling girth. Then send me some poutine.


  • Your Karenna and my Ethan should get together. They could destroy and get into all kinds of trouble together.

  • that is the deadliest look for a child…completelly innocent and sweet…with a glint in her eye! i see that look everyday in aria, as she heads to overturn the dog’s dish for the 10th time that day. :) man, your girls are gorgeous!!

    ps-thanks for the words of advice the other day…i was a hurtin’ mama!

  • What a little stinker she is!! Cutie!!

  • I looked at the picture of you at urbanmamas, you look amazing! And those are some honkers you got going on too….:-) Thanks for being an amazing writer and keeping the rest of the world entertained with your delightfully wild life. Much love.

  • Your mom inspires me to want to do that for my girls when they have families of their own. I’m also disturbingly lazy. And if I lived closer to you, I’d be over there with two poutines (ONE FOR ME!) in a flash.

  • Oh my goodness! Did your youngest really climb up to that sink on her own? Such talent!

  • You look fantastic. Also? It looks like your number two and my number two are getting lessons from the same teacher ;)

  • such a cute photo of your little one. The smile on her face is priceless!

  • you look SO GOOD omg. jealous!

    ps. grandmommies are the best, aren’t they?

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