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La Coquette and Daydreams

UPDATE! The winner of the $50 gift certificate is Marilyn ‘Klause’ Belsham. You can either email me at and we can arrange for you to receive your prize, or contact Tamara through the Facebook Fan Page with your information. Congratulations, and enjoy!!

My good friend Tamara has recently opened up an amazing online shop that sells delicious body products, fancy cosmetics, and everything you need to feel pretty. It’s called La Coquette Boutique and she has done such a great job of making some wonderful products available, and I’m so proud of her for pursuing her dream in this way.

She’s doing a sweet giveaway right now and if you become a fan on the La Coquette Boutique Facebook page you will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to the shop! How’s that for a deal?! Here’s the link…click it!

I’ll keep the contest open until Sunday, March 21st at midnight, then announce the lucky winner on Monday morning.

Also, my newest post is up at and it’s all about what I’m dreaming of: ridiculously overpriced diaper bags, plastic surgery and a maid!


  • Thank you, Amanda! And oh my, do I ever love that diaper bag!

  • I became a fan!

  • I’m already a fan (Obviously), but I’ll spread the word!

  • […] our friend Tamara’s La Coquette Boutique. For details of how you can win $50 at La Coquette, go here. No comments […]

  • I became a fan!

  • Annnd, fanned! So exciting, to watch friends chase their dreams, and catch them.

  • As I was the lucky winner when Angella had the $50 giveaway, I won’t enter this one. :) I do want to comment on the quick delivery and amazing products though! I applied online and received my things 2 days later. I purchased the Tammabelle lipcolor (which is gorgeous and feels nice on) along with some blush and a scrubbie for the shower. She sent along two samples, a mascara and a liquid eyeliner. The eyeliner is AMAZING. It goes on smooth, and comes of quite nicely, but still stays on all night! The mascara was great too, slides on, and doesn’t clump!

  • I just became a fan!

  • Thanks! I love that diaper bag, because it’s so almost a purse and I think a maid would be fantastic!

  • I became a fan – what a neat page she has!

  • I would love to win the giveaway!! I am in desperate need of some fabulous makeup – and all the stuff at La Coquette look absolutely fabulous!! (I too became a fb fan). Here’s crossing my fingers…

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