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These Are the Days of Karenna

Karenna is at such a wild age these days. She fills me with heart-busting joy while simultaneously driving me to the brink of insanity with her loud tantrums and angry shrieking. She is generally happy but when you cross her, you’d better watch out. She is NUTS.

She has the most hilarious little voice; it’s very raspy and people always ask me if she has a cold. She’s got a smoker’s laugh and we love it.

She would drink four litres of apple juice a day if I’d let her.

She is strange and has a boot fetish, a coat fetish and a bicycle helmet fetish. Her dream come true is when she gets to wear all three at once. Which she often does, for a good part of every day. Whatever keeps the shrieking at bay.

I guess I assumed that since her older sister is so strong-willed and dramatic that Karenna would be kind of quiet or unassuming. No, siree. She is every bit as kooky and wild and hilarious as her sister and I love how the two of them beat on each other interact.

I can’t believe she will be a big sister this summer.

I love this kid.


  • She is GORGEOUS!!!

    Love this post.

  • Beautiful photo! I wonder, what will baby brown #3 bring to the mix?

  • We have a strong willed juice guzzling, would be happy to live life wearing nothing but a diaper and rain boots, let her wear her shoes in the house all day because it makes her happy, wild girl of our own. Hopefully they’ll be great friends. Issi is crazy for apples, does Karenna like bread?

  • Your girls have so much personality!! The way you describe them they are like little balls of fire :-) Cute!

  • Aw, I love her raspy voice. It’s awesome. :)

  • Love the description :)

    My husband doesn’t call it interacting. He claims that our house is female world wrestling.

  • My sister, brother and I all had the most high pitched squeaky chipmunk voices. The best way to give my mom nightmares is by sucking helium and yelling MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY!!!!

    She had 3 children 4 and under. Bless her heart. You are joining a special rank among mothers Amanda! Kind of like the Navy Seals… :P

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