Little O' This, Rolo The Wonder Pooch

Lolo in the Laundray



If you were to comb through my very distant archives you would find many a post featuring Rolo, our wonder pooch. Since Avelyn was born, however, Rolo’s furry antics have fallen by the wayside and he’s been bumped out of the Number One Baby position in our household. He is quite fond of Avelyn, and enjoys french kissing her when I’m not looking. (It’s good for her immune system, right?)

He really is a good dog. I haven’t taken him out for many walks this winter because it’s cold but also because of experiences like this one. Owell.

Just thought I’d give some overdue press to my favourite hound.





  • Poor Lolo. He’s probably happier going on solo jaunts so he can kill varmin anyway :)

  • i love that dog.

  • He looks like he has a tough life, folding all that laundry and such!

  • When are you coming home again? I’m bored without you already.
    PS. Your hair looks AMAZING! I love it!

  • I hope he didn’t just dump all your clean laundry on the floor. He looks so content.

  • very unsanitary

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