Family Matters

Crazy Days

Hard to believe a mere two weeks ago we were in Disneyland and now here we are, back to real life, which, at the moments means packing, deep-cleaning, yelling at the disobedient and neglected children as I try to pack and deep-clean, living in a tiny suite while we wait for our house to be livable again, all while my belly balloons by the day and my aching body tries to keep up with the demands.

We won’t have telephone or internet access for about a week, so it’ll be quiet around here for a while we try to regain a pinch of normalcy. Wish us luck!


  • I left you a message last night so I guess you’ll get it…next week?

    Hang in there Amanda. If anyone is strong enough to get through this next week, it’s you. Miss you!

  • Oy. I know a little of your pain. I’m by myself for the next month with the goobers trying to pack and clean before we move.

    I’ll think of you and hope that your days get better. :)

  • I ADORE this photo of the Mickey Mouse team! I wish auntie Kaile could help, but don’t worry, summa is a coming!

  • I think that is the biggest smile on Avelyn’s face I have ever seen!

    I’ll be thinking of you the next little while as you make all the preparations for this big transition (in more ways than one). Love you!

  • So cute with all those ears! This will really be a memorable moment in your pregnancy. Thank goodness you don’t have the summer heat to contend with at the same time (for now…) :)

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