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Summerland Indeed.

Summer means beach-swollen diapers,

late-night dinners and jammies at Nana’s beach,

swimming until the sunlight’s all gone,

and eating 18 freezies a day.

It’s been a good summer so far. Lots of time outdoors with family and friends, lots of memories, lots of sweatily waiting for this new baby to make her debut.

Jolene ( - Hehe – 18 freezies a day. That brings back memories!!

Ashley - You know I’m contemplating not reading your blog any more if you keep rubbing in my face the beauty of Summerland ;)

Looks like oodles of fun! Bethany keeps talking about having Avelyn for a sleepover (this kid forgets nothing, at all), maybe ya’ll should drop her off for a night :)

Mama in the City - Time for another baby bump photo! Your youngest looks so much more like a baby and less like a ‘big girl’ when you can see her in the flesh in that middle photo. What cute girls you have.

Amy - I keep checking to see if you had that baby yet ;) I’m dying to know her name!!

Jen - LOVE the photos!! And glad you’re having a good summer. Can’t wait to “meet” your new little girl!!!