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Wordless Wednesday

(OK, so I really thought it was Wednesday. I was up with both kids in the night and had contractions all night long. No sleep = a hazy reality.)


  • Beautiful picture – even for a Tuesday!

  • I thought it was Wed too… We have a meeting every Wed at 9:00, and for the second week in a row I walked into my Boss’s office, looking like an idiot. I work in publishing and we are working on October issues. I don’t even know what MONTH it is, let alone the day.

    I hope that the contractions are for real and that things progress quickly! Thinking happy labor thoughts for you!

  • OK, I’m kind of giggling about you thinking it was Wednesday (but not about you being up all night – blegh). When is your official due date again?

    PS – I always think Avelyn’s hair is so pretty whenever you post a picture of her.

  • LOL. I saw this in my feed reader and thought, ‘she must have pregnancy brain’. Tuesday! Wednesday! What’s the diff. Hope you get a bit of rest in.

  • I’ll read this tomorrow then it will be Wednesday and it will make sense.

  • Pretty little girl…

  • Well, it’s Wednesday now, so this seems fine to me. ;)

    Love that photo of her.

  • Angella stole my comment.

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