Such a Tease

Last night I had some maternity photos taken by a generous and talented neighbor. The air was grey, the wind was blowing, and through the course of the stormy evening I was developing stronger and stronger contractions. The night felt magical, as though I were about to embark upon my final labour journey.

I went to bed, convinced I wouldn’t be able to sleep, or at the very least if I did happen to rest I would be roused by the breaking of my water or some intensifying contractions that would confirm the time had come.

Alas, the only thing that woke me up in the night was the usual need to pee every couple of hours and the contractions totally disappeared by morning.

I wish there were a light on a pregnant woman’s belly that shone red when labour symptoms were false and headed nowhere, and turned green when birth was actually nearing the horizon.

Tired, grumpy, and bloatedly yours,



  • ooh! Love the first picture!

    I was thinking last night was it too. The real thing can’t be far away.

  • You look all mystical! Very pretty.

    Hope you don’t have to wait too much longer.

  • I love the pictures!!! Hope she comes soon!

  • I love the first one too! Gorgeous!
    I think at this point, don’t they call it PRE-labor? Labor is imminent, so think of it as your muscles warming up and getting ready for the real thing! Hang in there Amanda!

  • You are beautiful! Hang in there my sweet girl, she’ll be here soon.

  • You look great. Who did these for you?….I am glad you decided to get a few for memory sake. I work the 30th, maybe it will be deja vue! ( I hope you are done by then for your sake)

  • Let’s GOOOOOO Baby Girl Brown! And you, too, of course. :)

  • You look fantastic mama!! Way to go on totally rocking your third pregnancy, you might not feel totally great but you look it.

    Happy birthing!

  • First of all let me say, real labour is heaven sent, false labour so come from the other end of that spectrum.

    Now, the first photo in my opinion is frame worthy – that’s beautiful!

  • PS. I mean the kind of heaven that results in a beautiful baby, not so much the pain portion.

  • Oooh, very nice! I really love the barn one!

    Sorry about the false labour. Your muscles must be getting ready for the real thing, which is coming soon! Less than a week now even if you have to go all of the way until your induction date.

  • Absolutely beautiful pictures!
    Enjoy the last few days of pregnancy, maybe you will miss it someday:)

  • The photos were wonderful and you looked beautiful.

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