My Girl 2.0

One, Two!

Karenna, you are two years old today. Happy Birthday, crazy kid!

You bring so much joy and hilarity to our family and we love you unendingly. Your quirky personality, husky little voice, and funny sayings make us laugh till it hurts.

You are feisty, and defiant, and might need some classes in Anger Management, but we love that about you too: you stand up for what you think is yours and are willing to pull some hair and beat on anyone who gets in your way. We are hoping to eventually channel that strong will towards more positive pursuits, but the heart of who you are is mighty and I think that’s awesome.

Eleven days ago you became the middle child and I don’t think we need to worry that you’ll get lost in the shuffle. You make sure your voice is heard. Your big sister is always trying new things and you’re ever a short step behind her, ready to try for yourself. You have shown love and kindness to your new baby sister and I am so excited to watch all three of you grow up together.

We love you with everything, Karenna. Happy Birthday!


  • Yes! You are a gem, Karenna! Happy Birthday from the both of us!

  • Two already?! Thanks for allowing us to share in your journey through motherhood. Your family is absolutely beautiful and your writing about them often has me laughing out loud. Enjoy this special day with your daughter.

  • That was beautiful!

    Happy Birthday Karenna!!!

  • OK – so I’m super pregnant and emotional at the most normal of times…but your momma heart writing about your “mighty” girl is just so awesome and yes brought tears to this blubbery whale :)
    You are a great mom!
    Happy Birthday Karenna

  • Happy Birthday Karenna!

  • Happy birthday, little friend! You are AWESOME.

  • Happy Birthday, Karenna! We should go for ice cream soon to celebrate, if you’re up for it.

  • Happy Birthday Karenna!!

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  • Happy (belated) birthday, Karenna! We missed you at family camp this year. See you next (week, and) September. Love you (and your raspy voice).

  • Aw. Happy birthday Karenna Jolie.

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