My Girl 3.0


Her favourite place to sleep is propped up on my chest. Can’t say I mind.


  • I love this photo. More than I can even express. Such a perfect snapshot of motherhood. those moments of exausted bliss. You’re beautiful.

  • You look blissfully exhausted and beautiful in this photo. Absolutely precious. I love it too!

  • Simply beautiful.

  • Such a beautiful picture. So much.

    We need to see pictures of your house still! It’s weird for me to not even recognize where you are sitting!

  • So very sweet :-)

  • hey there. i found your blog via “a cait’s life.” that is a precious photo. as is the butt paste one. but i went and read your “about me” section and I thought I was the only one who loved a soft drink more than socially acceptable. my need for soft drinks has caused mass frustration in restaurants when it shamed my husband horribly (while living in switzerland). oh well. he’ll live, but i won’t without it

  • Precious picture! You look amazing as well.

  • Perfection!

    I’m with Jen. Would LOVE a peek at your reno’s.

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