• Have I told you lately that I love you? :)

  • So NIIIIIICE! Also… your pantry…. I’ve never seen it so…organized! I’m impressed! One more thing….you’re adorable. That is all.

  • Fantastic!!! It looks amazing!

  • Can you say “house” for me one more time? Please? So cute, you Canucks.

    Your view is to die for, dude, and somehow (strangely) it seems way more gorgeous now that you’re looking at it from inside rather than outside. Not sure what’s up with that, but there you go.

  • Loving all of the natural light! (And your accent…)

  • Loved the tour! Your home is beautiful – keeping real and all!

  • I love you. and your house.

  • What I loved most about this was hearing what your voice sounds like! You are just as funny and charming as I thought you would be. And yes… your house is wonderful, too :) Best of luck!

  • Very, very nice. And. You do NOT look horrible.

  • you are ridiculously cute. I think i will do this for people asking about our new house too. Although I don’t say HOUSE as cutely as you do!

  • I love it!

  • Fun! Hooray for your Canadian accent (except to you it’s normal and I’m the one w/an accent, of course). Your house looks awesome and the view is gorgeous.

  • Your house looks great! Love the color of the siding. Love the view. Love your pantry. Love it.

    P.S. accent? you say “house” 100% normal!

  • I’m SO CONFUSED! Everything’s so different and changed around. But it’s GORGEOUS! I love the great room and the windows onto the lake and the orchard. WOW. Seriously awesome, lady.

  • I love your house! It looks awesome. Also, I LOVE your accent. I think I could listen to you talk all day.

  • The house is beautiful! And I have to agree, Love your accent :)

  • SOOOO canadian you are! For some reason I don’t remember your accent so strong! BEAUTIFUL home! I LOVE the windows overlooking the orchard and lake! Casey said to me the other day, “Hey, we should drive up and see Amanda and Steve.” We figured it’s only a long days drive…maybe we’ll do it sometime in the not so distant future! (like Spring maybe??)

  • Beautiful house and beautiful view! Loved your keeping it real idea, I still had boxed to unpack sitting at my front door for 6 months, but with a new baby it’s kind of low on the list of priorities. p.s. those boxes are in the basement, still not unpacked, lol.

  • Love it!! Thanks for sharing :) It’s funny…the thing that stuck me the most was your accent (I live in Southern California)…I knew you were Canadian but I never read your writing with an accent :) Really, really beautiful. The view of the orchard from your great room is spectacular.

  • I LOVE YOUR ACCENT!! I agree… say “house” one more time! hehehee.

    ANd I can’t wait to see the rest of the house and the girls’ rooms. :)

    Honestly…I think you’re gorgeous and more beautiful without makeup. You look amazing au natural…and no I’m not just saying that.

  • My two year old just sat through the whole 5 minute video and said, “Momma, she pretty!” :) Love the house, and you are adorable without makeup.

  • Loved it! Love the keeping it real version, too cute. Your accent is so adorable. You look great without make up. Although I don’t really know what the house completely looked like before (with the exception of pictures and other videos) I love the remodel.I love your view from the great room. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  • Hey Amanda. great video. I really should just come over and see it. Lily was waiting to see Avelyns room. But she liked everything else. she even noticed the old living room fireplace.

  • Loved it! Loved hearing your voice, and you look adorable, seriously!

  • What a lovely home, lady! Great video too… i understand the guts it must take to just point and shoot – it’s really terrific!! Can’t wait to see the rest sometime!

  • It’s not that I didn’t like you before, but I kind of love you now (in a completely non-stalker way, I promise). This made me smile all day.

  • Love it. It looks great. Keepin’ it real is where it’s at!

  • I feel special that I’ve seen that view in person. Such a gorgeous place you and A live, for sure.

    Yay! house. And yay! super cute you.

  • I love this post!!!!!!

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