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70 Is the New 60!

This weekend we celebrated Steve’s dad’s 70th birthday.

He’s lookin’ pretty spry for the big 7-0, don’t you agree? The party was a 50s themed event and I had a tough time coming up with costume ideas on such (self-imposed) short notice. In the end I went as the ever sexy Joan Holloway from Mad Men.

(I wore Avelyn’s child-sized Little Mermaid wig. Desperate times, people.)

Isn’t that cake a masterpiece? It was delicious and hand-made by our good friends at Wouda’s Bakery.

The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind of hour-long tantrums (I’m looking at you, Karenna), sleepless nights and running to and fro with these three li’l kiddos.

They’re cute, but sweet MERCY am I tired.


  • You look HOT!

    Love that photo of your three girls.

  • So much to say here but for some reason this is what I want to convey: I’m so excited you guys are the “cool family” on the block with the trampoline.

    We were that family growing up. It ruled.

  • Looks like you guys had fun. I love your “do”, maybe your should consider red next time….it’s almost Christmas, think of how festive you’d look if you wore green :)

  • That photo of the three girls is AWESOME. You better frame it. :)

    I love that you wore the Ariel wig. Hee.

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