Am I the only one who has been blindsided by the holidays? It still feels like November and all of our Christmas parties are off in the distant next month, but NO, they are happening all around me: cookie exchanges, parties, kids’ concerts, and the like. And I do not feel ready! We still don’t have a tree up (we have an artificial one in storage, but Steve has his heart set on chopping down a live ten-footer now that we’ve got vaulted ceilings in our house) but he’s been super busy so it hasn’t happened yet. We’ll probably haul in the tree on Christmas Eve, enjoy it for a day, then have to take it down, at the rate we’re going.

I have been enjoying the baking I’ve been doing, in preparation for the cookie exchanges I’m attending. But more than the baking, I have been enjoying the EATING of the baking. This should not come as any real surprise. Today I am going to make these.

I have a post up at my review site and there’s a contest for you to win a $100 gift card from Old Navy. Take a look, enter, and cross your fingers!

Welp, that’s all I got.


  • SO this is a bad time to tell you that I just finished my Christmas shopping?

  • I hear you. Moving just before Christmas has been swell. I’m running around trying to put off Christmas until sometime in January. We’re sending my husband’s family their gifts after Christmas, when I have time to shop.

  • I have only made ONE THING for Christmas cookies. And I haven’t bought a single thing for Matthew. And Christmas is 16 days away. Sigh.

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