Family Matters, My Girl, My Girl 2.0


There is an old steam train in Summerland that travels along the Kettle Valley Railyway. It is a fun tourist attraction and every year they host a Christmas train where the engine and cars are all lit up, there is a man with a traveling banjo who wanders around the cabins enticing the passengers to join with his caroling, they serve hot chocolate, Santa makes an appearance, and you get to look down at the lights of our quaint town from high on the mountain rails.

We tried to get a decent family photo, but this was the best we could muster:

Steve is looking in the wrong direction, the kids are being robots, you can’t see Brinley’s face, and yeah, that’s pretty much the way it is.

It was such a fun night, full of wonder and magic and warm fuzzies. Nice.


  • looks like they had a great time! CHOO CHOO!

  • That sounds marvelous!

  • Awwww, look at you guys! I wish I could have come….
    Next year!

  • I love those photos! I wish I could pull off a toque. You look lovely (as you would in a paper bag), I look like an idiot wearing her 3 year old’s toque.

  • That made me laugh hysterically! Thanks for that. I hope you use that pic as your Christmas photo!

  • That pretty much captures your family PERFECTLY.

    Glad to have the chance to actually talk to you at the party last night. :)

  • Hey, as long as the Mom looks hot, it counts as a successful family photo.

  • I love (hilariously) chaotic family portraits. I mean, what family sits around looking perfectly coiffed and still all the time (or ever) anyway?

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