My Girl 2.0

All Banged Up

This is the face of a kid with a story to tell:

We got her some bangs cut as a weak attempt at shielding her war wounds:

Just another Saturday.


  • Cute haircut! She looks like a completely different kid with bangs!

    And wow, that bruise sure turned dark. Kind of a lovely shade of aubergine, don’t you think? Oh dear. :)

  • Oh no, the other eye now too? Goodness, I hope it heals quickly, for your sake!! (Well, okay, hers too.) Poor girl (and mom).

    The bangs look adorable!

  • That is seriously one of the most severe bruises I’ve ever seen. And her pediatrician was confident there was no serious injury? You are a strong momma :)

  • Oh my Lord, Amanda! OUCH. Poor girls, both of you!

  • The poor girl!! I love the bangs, but the bruises kinda take away from it! It’s amazing how quick they heal.

  • Ooooh Amanada…She’s still beautiful, black eyes and all. Poor little girl.

  • that sucks balls!

  • HOLY CRAP. And her expression of tragedy is boosting the effect!

  • Okay, I was going to try to be cool like the other commenters but… HOLY CROW! Are they sure she’s okay?!?!
    Poor thing.

  • Laurie and Jessica: She’s been to three doctors and after thorough examinations, they think she’s fine. We didn’t do the CT scan since she wouldn’t lie still and I’ve since been told the high radiation of the scan is definitely not ideal for developing brains, so I’m somewhat relieved. Her eye was not damaged at all and has been working fine ever since, she had no signs of concussion, has had no neurological weirdness (no falling over, or slurred speech, or tripping), she’s been herself, not complaining of pain, good appetite, etc. The swelling is finally going down and her eye is opening up more and more. But yeah, it’s AWFUL and scary and shocking and ugh. Basically, even if there is some skull fracture, there’s nothing they can do about it but simply keep an eye on it. We’re going for twice-weekly follow-up appointments with her doctor, just to be safe. Yeah.

  • How awful! I read about it on Urban Moms but didn’t think it would get this bad! Note to self: keep a closer eye on Moira because I leave her alone far too much.

  • Poor her and poor you. Sigh.

    Love the bangs, though… :)

  • Oh poor baby… I’m so sorry and I hope she heals up soon. The bangs are so cute!!

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