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Employee of the Month

Somewhere along the line I became one of those people who only blogs once a month. When I first started blogging, I was so into it and would easily pound out five posts a week, loving every minute of it. Then, life happened. And here we are, with a (not so) long-awaited monthly post that all three of you have been waiting on the edge of your seats for.

Anyways, life has been good. Filled to the brim, but good. I’ve been busy selling houses (yay!) and working and trying to balance it all with three little kids, which is a never-ending challenge but I am up for it. Working outside the home actually makes me appreciate my time with our kids more and when the free moments hit, we head to the ice cream shop, the park, to visit some horses, or to meet up with some friends. I just have to try not to think about how messy the house is. Which is basically what I have always done, so yeah, no big change there.

Karenna is as obsessed with horses as ever and asks to visit some everyday.

Mud pies: it’s what’s for dinner.

It has only taken three and a half years, but sometimes Avelyn and Karenna actually play together now. Weird.

Spinach smoothies have been a real hit around our house. In case you couldn’t tell.

Lots of baths needed to rinse off all that spinach smoothie, mud pie and horse dung. Nice.

They are all growing up entirely too fast.


  • They are growing up WAY WAY TOO FAST! Miss those girls! (and you guys, of course)

  • Aw. They all so cute! Can’t wait to see them again, whenever that may be!

  • They are such precious little girls. Living life in the thick of it. Love it.

  • delurking to say ” ha! there are at least FOUR of us readers”. :)

  • Make that 5. Love your pictures of your girls!

  • Number six! Even though I get to see your beautiful girls (and you) in real life.

    They (and you) are pretty awesome.

  • Here’s another lurker. Glad to see an update and that things are going well!

  • I love all y’all.

  • I’ve been reading your blog since the days of baby Avelyn..through the name changes of Karenna and all the way till now. Loved seeing you pop up in my google reader and so happy for a new post. Keep on blogging mama!

  • I’m still lurking too! I love your posts. I’ve been reading since the early Avelyn days too. Only just starting to think about TTC myself.

  • They are getting so big. Another long time (Avelyn baby days) reader here still reading whatever/whenever you post. Enjoy all those precious moments with your babies.

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