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Late Night With Brinny

Brinley and I have been spending a lot of time together – between the hours of one o’clock in the morning and five o’clock in the morning. Poor kid is sick with a nasty cough that keeps her (and me) up all night, crying and gagging, tossing and turning.

After four nights like this, I have been reduced to a pile of emotional rubble. I am angst-ridden, listless, irritable and awful to be around. Sleep deprivation blows. And it blows me  away that I lived like a gurgling zombie for half a decade while our kids were sleepless little screamers.

Moms are HARDCORE, you guys. 


  • Have you tried putting Vicks (or eucalyptus oil) in a mason jar, add 1/2 the jar of boiling water, but into a pot (to avoid spills) and put it under her bed at night? It steams out the room, helps them breath and lets you sleep a little. We find it works awesome for our girls.

  • Ooh, been dealing with that kind of stuff over here, too. Although I’m still sort of in the midst of that half decade of zombie stuff, though. I can’t wait to be on the other side and completely derailed by a few crappy nights!!!! WHEEE! :)

  • You are DEFINITLY hard core my lovely friend Amanda! Hang in there, it will be over soon! you are wonderful and have a beautiful caring heart. I love who you are Amanda Brown!!

  • Oh man, I’m with ya. Liliana’s sick right now and it is pretty much the WORST THING EVER.

    Here’s wishing us MUCH SLEEP very soon.

  • You can pull through Amanda!! Isn’t sleep deprivation the worst…well, and sick kids too! Hope things are on the mend ASAP.

  • You are one of the most hard core people I know. Hope she’s better soon!

  • I second the vicks vapo rub-another option is to try rubbing it all over the kids’ feet and cover them with socks. I have NO idea why/how this works, but it is amazing. My kids get bad coughs/croup fairly frequently, and this is the only thing that helps.

  • I know! Ha ha. Every time anything wakes me up in the night for any reason I get so irritated and I think of my former mommy self up all night with the babies and other moms who are going through it now. Moms are amazing. You had it worse than most though.

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