My Girl 3.0

No, YOU Sit Down!

She’s two for a couple more months and is MILKING IT.



  • Bah! Total cutie. Love the personality she shows in her photos.

  • This is so awesome.

  • Well, one thing is for sure. Your kids are not boring!

    (This coming from someone who also has very un-boring kids, and a screamy two-year-old.)

  • Fionnuala while I was driving today: Help Daddy, help! Let me out! I want out of the car! Daddy’s going to come home and unroll my window all the way and I’ll say Hi Daddy (in a sweet voice) and then I will SHOOT MUMMY!

    (This was b/c I wouldn’t roll her window down all the way.)

    I will so not miss the twos – even though I have to go through it all one more time. At least I’m down to only one kid being in diapers – savour the little things, right?

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