Family Matters, Life of Leisure (Bah!)

The Back To School Blur

As these last days of summer trickle into fall, I see my day-timer filling up with kids’ activities again and all the preparation that goes into bringing the children out of “summer mode” and restoring them to creatures that appear mildly fit to be seen in public. Time to start bathing them regularly again (and not just in the lake…I heard it doesn’t really count), getting their mangey hair cut, enrolling them in activities that will help them become quasi-skilled at random tasks (go, piano lessons!) and I am pulled back again into the rhythm of routine.

After a couple months of freedom,  I feel ready for it. The early-morning wake up calls, the homework, the show-and-tell days to remember. And also…the school lunches.

Oh, school lunches. They are kind of like breathing: you can’t forget to do it.

Sandwich? Check.

Apple? Check.

Uhh…now what?

I want my kids to eat healthy foods, but I also don’t have 12 extra hours a week to bake nut-free Paleo energy bites (that would probably just end up in the school garbage can or moulding in their lunch kits after I forget to empty them over the weekend) so I look for wholesome, quick and trusted elements to fill their boxes.

We were given some Mott’s Fruit and Veggie snacks to try out and they were met with rave reviews from my kids.

They are made with real fruit and vegetable juices and come in nicely portioned packages that are just the right fit to help top up the lunch box with a sweet treat. It’s nice that they are gluten-free and nut-free, too, so they fit well with any allergy restrictions in my kids’ schools. I even snuck a few into my purse for myself. What? Mommas need to eat, too!

I hope your back-to-school blur is seamless and exciting and that your kids’ school lunches are one bolt of inspiration after another! Hahahaaaaa!