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Bangers and Mash


January is a tough one. December is her manic sister who flits wildly from party to event, never taking a moment to breathe, while January is dark and broody and kind of fat.

In order to make it through January, I planned a few things to look forward to: a haircut and an upcoming getaway to the Rockies to visit a life-long girlfriend of mine. We have also been trying to get outside more with the kids and soaking up the frigid winter air by taking them skating, sledding, skiing, etc. Everyone is just so much better off after a healthy dose of fresh air.

I am a little freaked out that the whole wide world is going to catch H1N1 again and we’re all gonna die, but aside from that, January and I are making our version of peace.

I hope you’re pleasantly scraping by, just like me!


  • LOVE the bangs!!!!!

  • Great cut! So different for you, way more edgy! Enjoy your get away!

  • Wow, I would have walked right by you at the airport. You look so different and yet as always, so beautiful. Can’t wait to see you!

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