Little O' This, My Girl 3.0

What I Know For Sure: Bangs Edition

It’s been about a month since I got bangs and here are my thoughts on the matter:

1. I haven’t groomed my eyebrows in weeks and even though they look like lopsided fuzzy caterpillars, NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT because the bangs cover them.

2. I tend to have bad acne breakouts on my forehead but now the volcanic pimples are shielded by my bangs. This is wonderful news.

3. The deep wrinkle I have between my brows, the “mom line” that shows up when my kids are being loud or annoying, it’s also hiding behind the bangs. Praise be.

4. When I wake up in the morning my hair looks like this:

Wow, that’s intense.

5. A good flat iron is basically the most important thing I own (see above).

6. The maintenance isn’t nearly as high as I thought it would be to style the bangs, so that’s nice.

7. Preteen boys approach me at coffee shops and tell me I look like Taylor Swift. I’ll take it.

8. I like the change, and will keep the bangs for now. Yay!




  • Oooh! Please recommend a flat iron!

  • You are so cute!

  • hahaha that’s a very funny pictureñ. I personally really recommend the karmin g3 flat iron, you’ll love it!

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