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Not-So Breaking News and Meandering Thoughts

  1. Stranger Things. Watch it. DEVOUR IT in four days like I did. It’s good for you.
  2. Hand-washing dishes is lame. Our dishwasher broke two weeks ago and we did a bit of research about which model we should replace it with that didn’t cost and arm and a leg and the one that had the best reviews wasn’t available in any stores near us so won’t be here for another week. We have been eating our meals off of one square of toilet paper each.
  3. Back to school is the best thing ever. Kids are happier, well-adjusted and we are all enjoying the rhythm of life so much more than we were during those last couple dragging weeks of summer holidays.img_3816 img_3825 img_3832img_3697
  4. I thought with kids back in school I would have more time to get things done, like clean, organize, make homemade canned tomato sauce, and go for long bike rides in the autumn light. Instead I have been working a LOT and it feels like this:img_3695
  5. Why does it take so long to get in shape and then basically a week of not exercising (and also maybe eating everything that’s not nailed down) seem to undo a year’s worth of effort?
  6. I made a salad. Six weeks ago. It was good. (Recipe here.)img_3715
  7. We got an electric car. It’s the best. No gas. None! Love it! 2013 Nissan Leaf. I’ll write more about that in my next post. (So, in, like four months.)
  8. If you don’t like 18% coffee cream, I don’t know if we can be friends.
  9. I miss writing and find it very difficult to set aside the time to make it happen. I vacillate between feeling like I have so much I would like to share, and then wondering what I would possibly have to say that’s worth penning down. Arg.
  10. Brinley got a big undercut and she loves it. img_3851
  11. That’s all I got. See you later!


  • I honestly don’t know how you did the messed up faces without using Apple Photobooth. Very impressive flexibility.

  • Ha! to Brent’s comment.

    We’re watching Stranger Things with G. Almost finished episode 7 last night…and then Emily got out of bed and barfed. (She then slept all night, so I think it was a one-off.)

    I have the same thoughts about writing post, but I’m going to make a better effort to do so. Because I love it every time I write a post, so why not?

  • Love this post!! Also, 18% coffee cream is where it’s at!! Haha, I use whipping cream sometimes … 35% bahaha! (seriously).

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