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January 2017 (Because I Am Passionate About a Creative Title)

November was literally swallowed up by flames and their smouldering aftermath, December was devoured by the holidays, and January has, thus far, been riddled with pain-in-the-rear sicknesses that have knocked the majority of our family down, one by one, and we are only just now starting to dust ourselves off and emerge from our germ-soaked home. It’s all good, though. I have been taking stock this month, as the new year unfurls, and am implementing some intentions and it feels good.

A current of change carried me into 2017, and I want to be open to where it all leads, being wise with opportunities and with my time.

As a personal challenge for myself, I have committed to not buying any clothes for the entire year. I aim to practice contentment, to realize that there will always be something new to chase after but that I truly do have enough, right now. To see the feast of Enough that hangs in my closet. You might find me crying into said feast when all the new spring fashions come out and I want a new blouse, but whatever.

I also am taking the month of January to abstain from alcohol, just as check-in for myself. I come from a genetic background of alcoholics, so I have a healthy fear and respect for my history and want to always be in a place where I realize that none of us is immune from falling down a slippery slope. I don’t think I have a problem with alcohol, but it’s been good for me to take a personal inventory of why and when I drink, and to take the time to step away from it to examine that.

(I am still chewing my fingernails in earnest though. Can’t expect me to abandon all of my vices at once.)

I listened to this podcast and it basically makes me think we should become vegans and save the world.

The girls continue to sprout and bloom and it’s all pretty incredible.


Steve’s healing is incredible. He looks like a million bucks.


Anyhoo. Thanks for reading. I wish you a magnificent 2017, that we can all live our days with eyes wide open to the miracles around us. Even when those miracles have strep throat.




  • You deserve smooth sailing for AT LEAST the rest of 2017.

  • you are the best amanda. Bravo for giving up buying new clothes for a year. I read Marie Kondo’s book ‘magic of tidying up’ and got rid of half my closet and am not missing any of it. Also kudos on giving up alcohol – I am thinking of doing the same for a period of time. Thanks for posting :)

  • contentment comes from being grateful for what we already have. it takes time – that’s why it’s a sacrifice of thanksgiving – time to look around, to name them, or be specific with what we have and count them out if need be. Good for you Amanda!

  • You are such an inspirational writter! May the rest of the year be healthy for you all!

  • Oh what beautiful and worthy pursuits. I’m encouraged to rethink some of my own habits. I love you and thank you for challenging me. ❤️

  • Amanda, I didn’t buy clothes for a year a few years back and it was really awesome. No point in browsing if I wasn’t going to buy anything – it made things a lot simpler. All the best in your year ahead. I am so glad to hear that Steve is doing well.

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