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The heaviness of the winter lifted surely, but oh, so slowly. By the time April came around, I was ravenous for signs of spring: for some blossoms, some sunshine, some green. But spring SUCKED. Basically poured rain for weeks on end. I think it was nature’s way of telling me I still had a bit of cocooning to do before I was ready to bust outta there, all shiny and new.

As the days began to stretch longer, and I focused on doing things that would bring me a bit of renewal (getting back to working out regularly, eating well, sleeping enough, listening to podcasts) I did start to find my footing again. Then, the sun came out, life took off and I have been running to keep up ever since, but with some spring in my step. I didn’t realize how worn I had grown over the winter feeling until I started to get some energy back again. Granted, there are still days when I am fighting exhaustion, but overall, I am feeling more like myself and I am so thankful.


Here I am with the hounds at the top of Giant’s Head mountain. I love that hike and so do they.

I have been continuing with my “not buying any clothes for a year” thing and it’s been so good for me! I can’t believe I’m almost halfway though the year. It hasn’t been as bad as I thought. Although, on January 1, 2018, you can fully expect to find me at the mall. Don’t judge.

Just for fun, I got eyelash extensions. I thought it was be a relaxing experience as you basically have to just lie down with your eyes closed for two hours and I was like, “I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO DO THAT FOR TEN YEARS!” but when I actually did it, I basically choked down a panic attack. My head was like, “You can’t open your eyes,” and then I was like, “WHAT IF I OPEN MY EYES?! ALL I WANT TO DO IS OPEN MY EYES!” and I pictured myself wrenching my eyelids open, yanking out all my lashes, and running out of the salon like a crazy lady. Anyways, I managed to hold it together. And now I look like this:


I actually really like the look. Not sure if I’ll keep them up, but it was fun.

Kids are almost out of school (hold me). Avelyn is going to middle school next year (again: hold me). She’s going to be doing French Immersion (holdez moi?). I am not going to be much help in her linguistic adventure, aside from teaching her the words to “Je Suis Une Pizza.”

Thanks for reading, whoever is still out there. Have a bon weekend!




  • Love when you write! And, can’t wait to see the eyelash extensions! :)

  • LOVE it all.
    -Dedicated reader.

  • I did eyelash extensions once. They are fun, but don’t pull them out. I did that after a few weeks and my eyelashes, which weren’t bad to begin with, never were the same again. They are short and thin now. I’m tempted to try Latisse to see if they will grow again. Bon weekend!

  • I forgot to ask…on the subject of working out, would you mind sharing the exercises you do to get your legs so toned? You had shared before and after photos once and I was inspired to work on my legs/thighs. Right now, I can’t stand how flabby my inner thighs look!

  • Ooooh, show us a picture of the eyelash extensions! You’re braver than me; I couldn’t have someone that close to my eyes for that long.

  • Still reading! Always look forward to your seasonal posts :) Love the comraderie of parenting and healthy eating and fitness ❤️

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