Me and Rolo
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Free Falling

Oh, Fall. I love you so hard.

Me and Rolo

Kids back in school (praise be), a crispness in the air that seems to wake me up from the inside out, plum lipstick, tall boots, chunky-knit sweaters, apples hanging heavy on the trees, biscuits with dinner, time to think, time to breathe, time to just be.

My internal rhythm has always fallen in synch with autumn, and my entire body feels it as a time of renewal and fresh beginnings. So good.

I have set some intentions for this season, and started things off right with a morning hike up the mountain with my favourite ol’ dog who, despite his greying muzzle, beat me to the summit.

Happy Monday, all!




  • Fall is my favorite too! It’s a sure sign that it’s here in Ohio when my hair is still straight twenty minutes after I straighten it.

  • ❤️ All of this ❤️ My heart also beats to the rhythm of Fall 🍁🍂

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