• This fall has been lovely, and also exhausting. Steve has been working 14-hour days all month with apple harvest, which leaves me on my own to hold down the fort and try not to drop every ball that I’m supposed to be juggling. The kids have settled into their new classes at school and we are all the better for having some routine restored to what was the mayhem of summer. Karenna is taking horseback riding lessons again, Avelyn is doing cross-country, Brin is singing in the school choir. And they are also really committed to their Netflix schedule, as well.


  • After throwing my back out this summer and basically having to make the wellness practitioner rounds for a couple months (chiro, massage, physio….lather, rinse, repeat) I really felt like I should explore Pilates as an option for building strength up in my weak core, and addressing my posture and alignment issues. The studio I found requires new clients to do five private sessions before being able to attend the classes, so, I bit the bullet and did it. Just had my last private session this morning. I graduated! The extra care and attention I received one-on-one was phenomenal and there is so much to work on. At my first meeting with the instructor she asked what my goals were and I told her, “To increase my strength and flexibility, to get rid of my back pain…oh, and also to look like a supermodel.” I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.


  • I really like this quote:


  • I started watching This Is Us on Netflix and have been fully sucked in. Brings up lots of feelings about having had been a fat kid growing up. #itsucked


  • Parent Tip: at the start of the school year, go to the bank and get $100 in five-dollar bills, and also in loonies and toonies so that on pizza day/field trip day/book fair day you don’t have to go scrounging in your couch cushions for change for the kids. I have reach Pro Level Parenting now.


  • I have been trying the Ketogenic way of eating for the past couple months and overall I feel good but I think I need to hold a memorial service for the carbs I am missing. I NEED CLOSURE.


  • Podcasts remain the best thing ever. I especially love The Robcast, Homecoming, CBC’s Tapestry, Beautiful Anonymous, On Being and Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids.


  • I have been deep-cleaning my house and it feels so good.


  • How is it humanly possible to find time to hang out with dear friends who you genuinely love when you have three kids and a job? Asking for a friend.

Happy Thursday, you guys!