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Four Years, Eleven Months

Our fifth anniversary is in a month.  The past half-decade has gone by in the blink of an eye.  I’ll do a nice, sappy post when it’s actually our anniversary, but for tonight here are some random wedding photos that I stumbled across in a messy pile of old pictures.



The day was perfect and while our marriage isn’t, it’s pretty darn good and I am a lucky woman to have my man walk with me through every day.

Michele - Looking at wedding pictures is so fun! I love your dress! When you do your anniversary post, can you put more pictures on too! You guys are so cute!

Janssen - I LOVE wedding pictures. And I really love the backyard/outdoorsy place that these pictures are taken. It is just beautiful! I wish MY backyard looked even a quarter that nice.

Karla - I love that picture with your veil being all blowy and flowy in the wind. GORGEOUS.

Jen - You guys have some of the nicest wedding pictures I’ve seen. Your wedding day was gorgeous!

Jen - You guys have some of the nicest wedding pictures I’ve seen. Your wedding day was gorgeous!

Molly - You look beautiful!! Who made your dress? It’s gorgeous.

Elizabeth - I love reminiscing through old photos. Isn’t how crazy how our wedding pictures can become an “old” photo? ACK! Love ’em!

Amanda - Molly, I don’t remember the name of the designer but apparently it’s the same man who designed Jackie O’s wedding gown. (I got it for $200 off the clearance rack before I was even engaged!)

ikate - These are beautiful! They remind me a lot of our wedding pix. We got married on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia in a garden – it was gorgeous, just like yours.

We’ll hit 7 years next month! Wow, how did that happen?

Momma - If this was a contest,I would have won!The name of the designer for Amanda’s wedding dress was Oleg Cassini.

the slackmistress - The first photo captures it all.

will - These really are great pictures.

Molly - Ok, it’s official. I’m not even engaged yet and I want that dress!

geeksters - I love the top picture. You both look so happy, windy veil and all. I can’t believe you’ve been married so long!

Five years ago all I was doing was working in a coffee shop 12 hours a week and hanging out in the mountains.