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Cherry Culls and Puppy Love

Harvest is upon us and the bulk of this weekend was spent picking the cherry crop.  We sent in nearly 2000 pounds of the ruby gems, which isn’t too shabby considering this was the first real harvest the new trees had produced.


We had a good strong crew picking in the field and I was one of the chosen few who was on sorting duty.  Remember that hail storm we were graced with on our baby’s birthday?  Well it did a good job of dinging up the fruit, to say the least, so I got to man the line and inspect every bucket of cherries to toss the bad ones.

That’s my kind of orchard work:  sitting on my duff in the shade.


I ran a “one for me, one for the bucket” kind of operation.  Needless to say, it’s been a gassy weekend.

Speaking of gas and all things smelly, we’ve been dog-sitting Christy’s puppy Max and while he is quite adorable, he’s taken to crouching in our laundry room twice a day and leaving a hot, steaming pile of logs.


My favourite thing about him (after his lovely laundry room deposits, of course) is how his head is thrice the size of his body. He and Rolo have had a grand ol’ time chasing each other through the apple rows.   However, you can call our place Brokeback Orchard, as Max and Rolo have found a special kind of forbidden love this weekend.  Max discovered the fine art of air-humping and Rolo did not object.  Soon Max will be a eunuch like Rolo and their friendship will become platonic again.  It’s less awkward that way.

We’ve got about a hundred pounds of cherries in cold storage in our garage that we’re planning to sell privately so if you’re feeling the need for some crispy, juicy goodness just call or email or leave a comment and we’ll hook you up.





  • I know I’m probaby romanticizing it a bit, but it sounds wonderful to live on an apple/cherry farm. Glad to see you still have something to harvest after the storm!

  • I too am glad you still have something to harvest! I figured the storm ruined everything, but I am glad to see it did not. I know it is a lot of hard work (you know, sitting on your bum and eating cherries all day) ha ha, living on a cherry farm….but it DOES sound kinda romantic.

    Oh yea, and sorry about your dog problems – but it provided a good laugh.

  • Max is getting so big! What a cute puppy(but my heart still belongs to Rolo :) I’d love some cherries- think you could hook us up with some? I wish…

  • I can taste those cherries now. Yum! Glad you were able to salvage some cherries after the storm.

  • You know I’ll be there sometime in the next few days!

    Cherries and peaches at the same time — life doesn’t get much better than that!

  • I’d love to buy some cherries! Also, you look fantastic (and teeny tiny) in these pictures.

    I’ll e-mail you about the cherries :)

  • Oh My… how do I get a big bag of cherries from you?

  • Yo know I’ve been waiting for these! I’ll call you shortly :)

  • I would be such a great sorter, although you may want to weigh me before I start and at the end because I am sure I can eat at least 10 lbs of cherries.

    Wish we were closer, I’d love some fresh cherries!

  • My sister wrote a paper for one of her history classes soon after “Brokeback” came out in theaters, and I remember editing it for her and laughing so hard I was crying, so unintentionally sexual were her sentences regarding the “brotherly love between Lewis and Clark.”

    (Cherries! are the best.)

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