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Generally, I find tea misleading and disappointing. Tea titles like “Cookie Dough” and “Salted Caramel” get me all excited, so I try them, let them steep and then take a steaming sip of…hot water. It’s HOT WATER, you guys.

I want to like tea. I do. But have you ever gone to David’s Tea, intending to quietly browse the selection along the perimeter of the store, when out of NOWHERE a peppy sales associate jumps out from behind you holding a huge tin of tea mere centimeters from your face and asked, eyes wide, “HAVE YOU SMELLED OUR NEWEST TEA?!”

Shaken, you stutter, “Um, no?”

“SMELL IT! INHALE DEEPLY! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!” he insists as the tin actually touches your nose, flecks of tea flying in your face.

So you take a tiny sniff, feign approval and try to move on.

But somehow you stay there for a half hour and have been forced to smell 56 tins of tea and you have also spent $86. ON TEA.

But, when you come home and brew a cup of “The Spice is Right” tea, with hopes set low, only to discover that it’s the best tea ever made? It’s all worth it.

I found a tea I like!




Birdy Squash

A couple years ago we ventured to a nearby fruit stand for all three girls to pick out a pumpkin for Halloween. Brin was two and did not want a pumpkin, instead she insisted on a weird, goosenecked gourd and she called it her Birdy and slept with it in her crib. Weird kid.


This year we made the trek again and instead of a pumpkin, like normal children prefer, she hand-picked the most perfect Birdy Squash she could find.

photo 4-7

Again, she was determined to sleep with it in her bed. (I don’t get it.)

We woke up early the next morning to her blood-curdling screams. Turns out the beloved Birdy Squash was decapitated in the night, during the throes of her slumber. She awoke to only the head of the squash by her pillow, and the body on the floor. Avelyn did some minor surgery on the squash (she used some scotch tape the repair the break) and all is well again.

Kids are weird, man.

It’s a little late, but but Happy Thanksgiving! We had a nice weekend filled with turkey, hikes, pumpkin pie and and family time.

photo 4-6

Bumpa - I’m assuming that all six of you ran all the way up Giant’s Head.

Family Photos!

amanda collage

Last week, Danielle of Soltura Photography came and spent the early evening with us, catching the last of the autumn sunlight and snapping a schwack of photos of our family. Last time she was here, Brinley was only a baby, and it’s just crazy to see how we have all grown and changed in the past three years.

This is the sneak peek of what she took…I am sure I’ll be bombing your feed with plenty more in the coming weeks.

Thanks, Danielle, for being so great!

Tanya - I don’t comment on here often but those three girls look like models and the picture of all three of them looks like an ad from some magazine or clothing line!!

Eternal Summer (of the Soul).

My kids are finally back to school! For those of you who didn’t know, the BC Teachers were on strike so our usual two-month summer break was extended to 13 weeks of desperate uncertainty. We had some good times: beach days, summer camp, family vacation. But once the middle of August hit and there was no end in sight to the summer, it all kind of HIT THE FAN.

See, my job is demanding and unpredictable, so finding last-minute childcare for all three girls was a relentless challenge. They were also bored out of their skulls and when they are bored, it turns into fighting, which makes me frustrated and yelly and exhausted. We were all so hungry for some routine again, and last week, after what felt like an eternity, the kids finally went back to school and I AM SO HAPPY!

(So are the kids. They were beyond ready and excited to return, too.)


(Walking to the bus stop.)

All of the back-to-school hustle can be more than a little jarring, but it’s been a welcome change. Our children’s school offered the option to purchase school supplies online through Staples this year and that was amazing. With the click of a button, everything they needed was ordered and delivered to their classroom and I didn’t have to spend three hours at a big store while my girls hem and haw over which pencil case they should choose. It was also cheaper, too. Yay, Staples!

We also got their backpacks and lunch boxes there this year and the kids love them.


I bought some LunchBot stainless steel containers to fit in their lunch boxes and I am well on my way to being a better hippie.


Oh, and I took the plunge and purchased a fitness tracker as well and with all this routine, it’s been nice to refocus on some health-oriented goals and track my activity. Yay for routine!

So, to sum up: the kids are back at school, I bought some stuff to make the transition good for us all, and life is rolling along merrily.