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Almost Eight

She made me a momma, that tiny little peanut of a girl. And now she’s almost eight. With an infectious laugh, melodramatic tendencies, tiny freckles across her nose, and wild tendrils of chestnut hair.

Avelyn Paige, you are my girl.

Angella - I love you both a whole lot.

Jen Wilson - It goes by way too fast.

Lucie - They grow up fast don’t they!

Danica - I can’t believe it. So big! Great pics Amanda!

Spring Update

Remember how I said I liked my bangs? Well, I have changed my mind.

The hassle now outweighs the benefits and I think I am going to grow the shaggy strands out, starting now. I knew it was inevitable, and while it was a welcome change in the dead of winter when I needed some variety and spice, I am basically over it now and am bracing myself for the awkward growing-out experience that lies ahead. Owell. Live and learn.

Yesterday we drove my mom to the airport after week-long stay at our place. Cue the sad trombone. It’s always so amazing and wonderful when she comes to visit. She cooks and cleans and speaks encouraging words to my stressed-out heart. She follows behind us with a vacuum, keeping the house looking less like a pigsty than its usual state; she makes me laugh, she loves the girls and cherishes her time with them. She is the best mom I have ever had. :)

Coffee breaks and pancake breakfasts. Score!

The signs of spring make my heart happy: the little tips of green grass poking through the earth, the daylight stretching into early evening again, the sound of birds chirping in the morning. This winter probably passed the fastest in my life (and I mean that in a good way; typically I feel winter drags on for years and is something to be endured rather than enjoyed) and I think it’s because we are getting to that stage with the kids where it’s actually possible to enjoy being outside with them. They can put on their own snow pants and boots and not have to go pee as soon as all the buttons and zippers are done up; they can play in the snow by themselves and not have a tantrum if they get snow down their mittens. And the big girls can now ski! Getting outside made all the difference and helped the winter season feel less like the agonizing purgatory than it had in years past. That being said, I prefer spring and summer and fall to winter and am so heartened by the change in season that’s all around us.

Other than that, life is just rolling along at its usual, wild pace. It is good and exhausting and beautiful and stressful.

Happy Spring to you!




Lisa - It took me forever to grow my bangs out! It seems like your hair grows super fast, so I’m sure it will be no time at all before those bangs grow into beautiful face framing layers. :) By the way, thanks for inspiring me to do the Whole30. I’m on day 14 and feeling great.

Jen Wilson - I wish we had more than a month of spring. This eternal winter thing is REALLY GETTING TO ME.

Jen Wilson - Oh, and also, I need to get tips from your mom because I want my daughters to say all these things about me when they’re older.

Angella - Yay, skiing! I’m so glad that we’ll get to ski with you guys for years to come. :)

Portrait of a Morning

Karenna snapped this photo today, capturing the blur of the morning. Kids running amok, half-clothed, getting out of jammies and refusing to put on actual outfits fit for public, me with pouffy bedhead and my trusty cupcake robe, a huge vat of honey for toast dangling from my hand, dishes strewn all over the counters, and a dog peeking around the corner.

The days pass by in such a flurry that before we know it, our girls will be grown and gone and I hope they remember the rhythm of these mornings, their momma in her homely robe, the warm honey on their toast, and how safe it all made them feel.


alimartell - I love this so much.
I truly feel like they will…remember the chaos as being kind of wonderful. Safe and wonderful :)

Zi - I love this too. Thanks for the reminder that the chaos is really kind of wonderful :)

Cayla Hochberg - How very Vanity Fair! I think you’ve got a young Annie Lebowitz on your hands. Ps I can’t find the dog.

Amanda Brown - Cayla, look right next to the honey bucket. :)

jenniferW - I haven’t commented on a blog in months but this was so perfect and so beautiful(!) and exactly what I’m loving these days!! Can’t get enough of living in the moment reminders :) Thanks :0)

Danica - Love it!

Danica - I also wanted to leave a comment on the next (last?) post but it won’t let me. Because, you know, book talk! I want to read both of those first two novels that you listed, so let me know how they are. I am currently reading Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, and it is a real winner. I highly recommend it. :-)