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Three’s (Fantastic) Company

Sometimes I see families who have two children and I think, “My, that looks awfully civilized. One parent per child. Nice and manageable.”

Three kids is a wild ride, there’s no denying it. It’s triple the chaos, but also triple the wonderful. I am so glad we just kind of took the plunge and Brinley showed up, otherwise we would have missed out on moments like these:


She wore this to school. Not kidding.


Two thumbs up at the dentist. One for each cavity!


And she’s decided she wants to grow out her bangs. So. There’s this neat ponytail going on now.


Mommas’ Day

I love this photo. It was taken at Agribition in the 80s and something freaked me out (probably a rabid goat or something) and I jumped into my momma’s arms. I just couldn’t deal, so she scooped me up, comforted me and kept me safe. She’s still doing this for me. Hopping on a plane when I need help picking up the pieces of life, telling me it’s OK and that I’m doing a good job.


Happy Mother’s Day to you, Momma. For giving your all and more. I am so thankful for you.

And then there are the girls who made me a momma, all three of them. So little of motherhood is easy, but it is still so very good.


Steve + Amanda Family 2014 (8)

And to the Mother-in-Law who was loved me as her own, and poured her everything into raising a darn good man who also played a pretty integral role in my becoming a mother (ahem), I thank you. For opening your heart and home to me and the girls and shining such light into us all.

And for my fellow momma friends, as we all fumble towards the same goal of raising decent little humans, in all the beautifully different ways we walk towards that end, cheers to you! We are all in this together. And to the women out there whose hearts ache on Mother’s Day…for those who have lost, or never had, or almost had…you are so loved and not forgotten.



Runner Girl

Being an overweight child meant that school-wide track-and-field events made me want to cry on the inside. I would don my too-tight shorts, my top pulled taut across my belly, and amble up to the line up for high jump. I would try to be cool, like, hey, it’s no big deal that I’m fat. I can still totally do the high jump. Except that I SUCKED. I would do my best to sprint, then hoist myself over the bar, but it would fall every time and I would collapse onto the big squishy mat and wish that it would swallow me whole.

Running, long jump, high jump, triple jump. They were all equally horrible. I made it through, though, while my friends all excelled.

Then I got to high school, starved myself for a year, and got skinny. Thus began a decade-long love affair with disordered eating, yo-yo dieting, shameful secrets and painful memories. It all led me to where I am today though: still flawed, but on the right path.

I hope with all my heart that our girls can walk an easier road than I did. I am so thankful for where we live, where the fresh fruit goes on the trees that are literally in our backyard, and where the weather is warm and we can get out and run and bike and play for most of the year.

Avelyn had a 2 km race this week at a district-wide meet  and was the second place finisher for her school and 6th overall out of close to 100 girls.


My heart swelled as she sprinted across the finish line, legs strong and fast. Sometimes it feels like kids get to rewrite a chapter in your own life, one that you get to marvel at and just be so thankful for.


When life gets busy, I don’t cook. We live off of scrambled eggs and toast, or beans and toast, or melted cheese on toast. Or just straight up toast. So, basically, we have been eating a lot of toast for the past, um, four years?



Finally, a wave of inspiration to cook has lapped over my toast-wearied soul and I have been trying out some new recipes. The library has helped greatly and I have been finding great ideas in the Whitewater Cooks series as well as the Smitten Kitchen cookbook. Yay for food!

I have made Smitten Kitchen’s Vinegar Slaw with Cucumbers and Dill

and Whitewater Cooks With Friends Orchid Lime Salad and Chinese Five Spice Roasted Chicken

and also this fruit pizza. Because fruit pizza.

What are you cooking these days?

Angella - I cook all of the things. I think I need to follow your lead because I almost melted down in Stupidstore today when I couldn’t figure out a meal that would work for tomorrow or Thursday with the kids’ activities.

Shareen - This:

But instead of shredding all the cabbage I just buy a bag of coleslaw mix. Because…laziness.

And this: because tacos are basically their own food group in my world. And I need at least one serving a day.

Tuesday Update

Last week I was working in Kelowna and had a bit of time to kill between appointments, so thought I would pop into the mall to buy some big-city treasures. I had been in the building for about 10 minutes when over the intercom came this loud chiming, and a pre-recorded voice that calmly stated, “We are in an emergency situation. Please walk, don’t run, to your nearest exit.”

Vendors were locking up shops, and everyone was efficiently striding to the “out” doors. I followed the directions for, oh, about three seconds and then basically broke into a sprint because HAVEN’T YOU READ “THE GOLDFINCH?!” I immediately thought, “BOMB! There’s a bomb! We’re all gonna BLOW!” and pretty much elbowed my way out the door and yeah. Turned out to be a false alarm. Some sort of suspicious package left at the Sears.

Life hasn’t slowed down in any way, but thanks to my mom’s Mercy Trip last week we have our heads above water again and I am feeling like maybe, just maybe (knock on wood)…we’re going to make it.

We have had amazing summer-like weather here that makes me wish I were retired so I could just ride my bike and run and swim and lounge in the glorious sunshine all day. Instead, I have to get up at 5:30 am to enjoy a view like this during my morning run. Worth it, though.


Isn’t that so beautiful that it breaks your heart a little?

And this, too? An amazing dad, husband. Love that Stevie.


And here’s a dose of Spider-Brin, cowgirl edition to make your Tuesday a little brighter.