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In the Air

Spring has miraculously come early in the Okanagan. Whereas February usually involves us trapped under a thick blanket of valley cloud that leaves my spirits drooping and sad, the sun has been shining and everything is awesome. We have been getting out for more walks, the kids are playing outside, and each breath of crisp […]

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Generally, I find tea misleading and disappointing. Tea titles like “Cookie Dough” and “Salted Caramel” get me all excited, so I try them, let them steep and then take a steaming sip of…hot water. It’s HOT WATER, you guys. I want to like tea. I do. But have you ever gone to David’s Tea, intending […]

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I Was Grumpy Today

I was a bear today. Growly, bristly and short-tempered, for no good reason. I hate days like that. After a burnt dinner, I scowled and put the dishes away, tidying up the relentless mess and feeling worn. Then the evening light grew warm, I chilled out a bit and The Grump lifted, almost magically. Steve […]

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