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Kettle River

We did it! Three nights in the wilderness! There were showers and bathrooms, so it wasn’t unbearable, but it was definitely out of my comfort zone and SO MUCH WORK! I think camping is great if you’re the kid in the equation, but as the parent, the work begins days before you leave: cleaning the […]

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Three’s (Fantastic) Company

Sometimes I see families who have two children and I think, “My, that looks awfully civilized. One parent per child. Nice and manageable.” Three kids is a wild ride, there’s no denying it. It’s triple the chaos, but also triple the wonderful. I am so glad we just kind of took the plunge and Brinley […]

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Runner Girl

Being an overweight child meant that school-wide track-and-field events made me want to cry on the inside. I would don my too-tight shorts, my top pulled taut across my belly, and amble up to the line up for high jump. I would try to be cool, like, hey, it’s no big deal that I’m fat. […]

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In the Air

Spring has miraculously come early in the Okanagan. Whereas February usually involves us trapped under a thick blanket of valley cloud that leaves my spirits drooping and sad, the sun has been shining and everything is awesome. We have been getting out for more walks, the kids are playing outside, and each breath of crisp […]

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