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Bangers and Mash

BANGS! January is a tough one. December is her manic sister who flits wildly from party to event, never taking a moment to breathe, while January is dark and broody and kind of fat. In order to make it through January, I planned a few things to look forward to: a haircut and an upcoming…

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Cold, Hard (Air Miles) Cash

Every year I say we’re going to reign in the holiday spending but then every year the credit card statements come rolling in in January and it kind of sucks. This year, though, I am going to save money by redeeming some of our Air Miles Cash. You know how sometimes you go to check…

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Sister, Sister, Sister

I never had a sister. But these girls of ours will always have two. I flounder at times, uncertain about what’s normal for their sibling connections to look like. They fight. A LOT. They kick and hit each other. And yell at each other. And do annoying things just to tick each other off. And…

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Let the Sun Shine In

As a foolish teenager I used to broil in the summer sun. Under the guise of beauty, I’d coat myself with tanning oils and perch under the blazing sunlight, hoping to get a nice tan. (Granted, I grew up in the prairies where we only really had summer for, like, three days, so the damage…

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Aveeno Baby

  I remember when I had my first baby. She was a little overdone. The extra days she spent in my belly made her fingernails very long (and kind of creepy) and the skin around her ankles and wrists was prone to peeling. Being a floundering new mom, I stood, dumbfounded, at the drug store…

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