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I Was Grumpy Today

I was a bear today. Growly, bristly and short-tempered, for no good reason. I hate days like that. After a burnt dinner, I scowled and put the dishes away, tidying up the relentless mess and feeling worn. Then the evening light grew warm, I chilled out a bit and The Grump lifted, almost magically. Steve […]

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Bangers and Mash

BANGS! January is a tough one. December is her manic sister who flits wildly from party to event, never taking a moment to breathe, while January is dark and broody and kind of fat. In order to make it through January, I planned a few things to look forward to: a haircut and an upcoming […]

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Cold, Hard (Air Miles) Cash

Every year I say we’re going to reign in the holiday spending but then every year the credit card statements come rolling in in January and it kind of sucks. This year, though, I am going to save money by redeeming some of our Air Miles Cash. You know how sometimes you go to check […]

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Sister, Sister, Sister

I never had a sister. But these girls of ours will always have two. I flounder at times, uncertain about what’s normal for their sibling connections to look like. They fight. A LOT. They kick and hit each other. And yell at each other. And do annoying things just to tick each other off. And […]

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Let the Sun Shine In

As a foolish teenager I used to broil in the summer sun. Under the guise of beauty, I’d coat myself with tanning oils and perch under the blazing sunlight, hoping to get a nice tan. (Granted, I grew up in the prairies where we only really had summer for, like, three days, so the damage […]

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